Operator cabinets are designed to suit different climatic conditions and different working areas, and are often the control center where operators spend their entire working hours. As GL Machine, during our field visits, we identified that the cabins that the purchase department wants to buy and the cabins where the operator will use the crane will operate at maximum efficiency are different from each other. GL, with years of experience, aims to convince its customers to design the most accurate and efficient cabin. Essential features in a well-designed operator cabin are mechanical structure suitable for aggressive working conditions, panoramic structure to provide optimum field of view and ergonomic conditions that prioritize occupational health of the operator. Studies on operator cabins show that, depending on work in improperly designed or expired cabins, whole-body vibration induced low back pain and excessive fatigue, false panoramic design induced cervical disc hernia, insufficient heat and sound insulation induced physical and psychological damage were mostly seen disorders. We design and manufacture our cabins to provide the healthiest working environment by harmonizing customer demands, field inspections and our experience and upon request, we also carry out assembly, disassembly and starting procedures.