In accordance with different usage areas, we produce cable trolleys for mobile flat and round cable systems (festoon systems) or for mobile hose assembly conveying liquid or gas. In accordance with the area of use, we design heavy duty cable trolleys with various speed and conveying capacities to work in aggressive working environments such as Steel mills, port authorities and mining authorities. A good cable conveying system should have an easy and quick assembling feature in all process beginning from cable laying and start-up time to maintenance period. Wheel sets and saddle assemblies of our all cable trolleys models are assembled and in a possible maintenance, they can be disassembled and assembled as soon as possible. Hot-dip galvanized coating can be applied on the metal parts of cable trolleys and or they can also be manufactured from stainless steel for vehicles that will work in port group. However, the vehicle saddles can optionally be made of rubber-coated metal or glass-reinforced polyamide material. We can also manufacture wheels with insulating material to prevent transfer of possible electrical leakage to the festoon.