Hydraulic Buffer

Impact effect is a physical factor that should be avoided in all mechanical structures. Especially in cranes and other rail lift systems operating with very high kinetic energies, non-conservative damping force transforms into impact force and this leads to mechanical failures, as a result, this significantly reduces the fatigue life of the steel structure. Buffers, which are used to absorb the energy from collision in crane systems and rail lift systems operating at various bearing capacities and speeds, are of great importance for the service life and safety of the load-bearing system. In line with the information provided by the customer company, GL Machine generates damping solutions by calculating and designing in accordance with relevant standards and international technical reports. It is possible to manufacture two types of buffers as to be spring buffer and hydraulic buffer and hundreds of different variations of buffers based on their energy absorption capacities, strokes and connection types. The important factor in selecting the buffer is to prefer the buffer at the optimum values by determining the right spring and damping coefficient.